Sunday, 10 June 2012

So the final major project is long over, and us almost ex-student types are in the process of gearing up for D&AD's New Blood exhibition. There are plenty of things I would change about my project were I to attempt it again, and I'm sure if I started it again today it would look completely different, but for now this is a selection of images from the book as it is. Now I'm just excited to start my first post University project!

Alvin Straight's journey seemed to me to be a very personal one. A true story, he journeyed almost 400 miles to see his estranged brother whom he hadn't see for 10 years. Although he has family at the beginning and end of his journey, the 400 miles he has to drive across on a 30 year old lawnmower he is largely on his own, and I tried to reflect this by stripping the text away as much as possible, leaving only a line or two on pages found at the beginning and end of the book.

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