Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Man of Steel

When I'm excited for something, it usually manifests itself into artwork of some sort, and this is no exception. So there could be more festive things to put up a week before Christmas, but to coincide with the new trailer that is doing the rounds for the new Superman film, I designed a teaser poster of sorts. I wanted to keep it simple since the film is still 6 months away, and perhaps do a more dynamic one closer to release. And it doesn't get much more simple and iconic then the shirt rip people!

Monday, 3 December 2012

More Christmas goodness over at our newly started Foss blog! Charlie has her designs up there, aaaand we have the Etsy shop up and running, alongside the BigCartel store. The shops and cards were a way for us to work together on a project, and produce some work to get out there in time for Christmas, so I'm pretty happy with how its turned out. With the cards out of the way, the next challenge will be seeing what we can collaborate on, post-Christmas season!