Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's Chriistmaaaaaasss!

Well, nearly. Sort of. For me it's felt like Christmas for ages as I've been busy making and producing a whole bunch of Christmas cards. Myself and Charlie Pringle have started a tiny and super exclusive collective, with a blog and shop to boot! Charlie drew this guy and he ended up being our lil trademark/logo.

He comes in a number of different colours and flavours too! The first things to come out of this collective are the Christmas cards, which are ready to be sent out to homes everywhere to bring much festive cheer. 
The first batch of cards (mine) are up on our Big Cartel shop, with Charlie's hot on its heels.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

That's Mister Chief to you

I decided to come up with a poster for Halo 4 after seeing one of my favourite artists, Olly Moss, tweet that he wished he could've designed a poster for the game's release, but had to decline as he simply didn't have the time. This was sad news indeed as I can only begin to imagine the awesomeness that would transpire from a Halo and Olly Moss project. It did however give me the idea to have a go at one myself, seeing as my art schedule isn't quite as busy as his (just a guess).

I wanted to keep the poster pretty simple since I only had a day to do it (I'll be away from home for the next week, and with the game being released on Tuesday, I wanted it ready and online beforehand).

To keep clutter to a minimum, the only text on the poster would be a tagline and release date. Characters in videogames don't get much more iconic then Master Chief, which is why I didn't feel the need to plaster 'HALO 4' anywhere on it. It's also a sign of how successful a character or franchise is: if something is so recognisable you don't even need the name or any information to go with it, you've definitely hit gold.

Image one is how the poster looked at the end of day One. I worked on it some more the next day and produced the second image, where I tried to get MC looking a bit more like his Halo 4 counterpart (his armour has had quite the upgrade in the design department).  Not sure which one I prefered, so uploaded both.