Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Competition time!

Yikes so D&AD's New Blood at Spitalfields is officially under way, I'll be heading there tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing UCA Maidstone's stand, essentially the culmination of our classes 3 years on the degree course.
It's a shame each university gets such a small space, not that there's room to have it any other way, so there'll be a lot of work densely packed in! It was exciting to attend New Blood last year so who knows how it'll actually feel to be one of the exhibitors this year.

So in these post university times, I'm keeping up some self initiated projects. These work in progress t shirts are for a competition run by a website I'm a fan of, with some pretty awesome prizes (amongst which will be having these sold on their website) but before counting my chicks before they hatch I'll leave it there and will blog in the future about how this one turns out.

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  1. La del vikingo es una pasada!!! oye... el concurso en que dirección está??? se puede participar todavia??