Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Little White Lies

LWL is a film magazine based in the UK. Every issue collaborates with a particular artist to design and illustrate that particular issue, which produces gorgeous covers and articles, making each issue far more then just a magazine reviewing the latest films. They have taken to setting one hour challenges on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Today's brief was to sketch an image inspired by the Michael J Fox classic, Teen Wolf. Here's my submission which I had to complete and submit in neck break speeds ( compared to my usual rate of working). I would've loved to have attempted Michael J Fox himself, but without a tablet, 'sketching' at speeds using a mouse is pretty tough, so I limited myself to this design to make sure it would be something I could complete on time. The basketball itself could act as space to put the films title or article header inside.

And talking of competitions, Youtube channel The Yogscast have released a video of many of the t shirt entries they received.I didn't win but my design was included in the video, which after being uploaded yesterday has recieved 327,000 views, so as consolation prizes go, its a pretty good one!

Charlie Pringle's design was one of the runner's up, meaning her t shirt has been produced and is on sale now at Look carefully and you might be able to spot her design being modelled by a rather familiar face... Fame and infamy at last!

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